Spring 1995 Lecture Series

50 Years Later: Historians View the Aftermath of World War II


West German Reflections on Women and the Nazi Era
February 16, 1995
Elizabeth D. Heineman (Bowling Green State University)

What Was the German Problem?
March 09, 1995
Frank Ninkovich (St. John's University)

Ruins, Reconstruction, and Remembrance
March 22, 1995
Jeffry M. Diefendorf (University of New Hampshire)

The "German" in the German Democratic Republic: Soviet Interests and Weimar Legacies
April 20, 1995
Eric Weitz (St. Olaf College)

The Origins of the Cold War: New Light After 50 Years?
May 08, 1995
Mark Trachtenberg (University of Pennsylvania)

A Twentieth Century Encounter: Germany and John J. McCloy
May 16, 1995
Max Holland (Washington D.C.)