Fall 1994 Lecture Series

New Work in American History


George McGovern and Food for Peace
October 05, 1994
Thomas J. Knock (Southern Methodist University)

Some Thoughts on Crime and Punishment in American History
October 20, 1994
Lawrence M. Friedman (Stanford University)

Producing a Consumer Culture: Women in the American Beauty Industry
October 31, 1994
Kathy Peiss (University of Massachusetts)

Women Forgotten: Homelessness in the Great Depression
November 09, 1994
Elaine S. Abelson (New School for Social Research)

Free Markets and the Law of Essential Value
November 29, 1994
Michael O'Malley (George Mason University)

When the Other Half Dressed Up:
The Meanings of Working-Class Dandyism in Antebellum America
December 15, 1994
Jonathan Prude (Emory University)