Fall 1989 Lecture Series

After the Atlantic Divide:
Toward Postmodern Theories of Germany in the United States and the Federal Republic
September 14, 1989
Michael Geyer (University of Chicago)

Gender and Jewish History in Imperial Germany
October 12, 1989
Marion Kaplan (Queens College at CUNY)

The Political Mobilization of Women in the Weimar Republic
November 16, 1989
Thomas Childers (University of Pennsylvania)

The Retreat of the State from the Regulation of Sexual Behavior in Eighteenth-Century Germany: Creating the Private Sphere
November 30, 1989
Isabel V. Hull (Cornell University)

Ennobling Culture:
"Good Taste" and "Good Morals" in Germany and the United States in the 1920s
December 07, 1989
Adelheid von Saldern (University of Hannover)

Between Town and Countryside: The Common People and the German Reformation
December 14, 1989
Thomas A. Brady Jr. (University of Oregon)