Fall 1988 Lecture Series

Theodor Heuss and the Origins of the Federal Republic, 1945-1949
September 22, 1988
Jürgen C. Heß (Free University of Amsterdam)

Burdens and Opportunities:
The Importance of German History for the Political Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany
October 11, 1988
Jürgen Kocka (University of Bielefeld)

Landmarks of Ideological Change: The Case of Social Democracy in Europe
October 14, 1988
Susanne Miller (University of Bonn)

The Directed Pogrom: Intimidation and Terror in Germany in November 1938
October 27, 1988
Hans Mommsen (University of Bochum)

Jewish Self-Emancipation during the Progressive Era -
An Approach in the Sociology of Religion
December 14, 1988
Karlheinz Schneider (Brandeis University)