Events 2006

Conferences are not public. If you are interested in participating, please contact the GHI convener.

Pückler and America

June 22 - 25, 2006
Conference in cooperation with the Stiftung Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau in Bad Muskau, Germany
Conveners: Sonja Dümpelmann (GHI, Auburn University), Cord Panning (Stiftung Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau)

German Ostpolitik, 1969-1974: The European and Global Response

May 12 - 13, 2006
Conference at Mershon International Center (Ohio State University, Columbus)
Conveners: Carole Fink (OSU), Bernd Schäfer (GHI)

Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and the Environment

May 05 - 07, 2006
Conference at the GHI
Co-conveners: Karen Oslund, Niels Brimnes (U. of Aarhus, Denmark), Christina Folke Ax and Niklas Thode Jensen (U. of Copenhagen, Denmark)

German Imperial Biographies: Soldiers, Scientists, and Officials and the 'Arendt Thesis'

May 04, 2006
Workshop at the GHI
Conveners: Eric D. Weitz (U. of Minnesota), Jürgen Zimmerer (U. of Essen), Karen Oslund (GHI)

Jews and Modernity: Beyond the Nation

May 02 - 03, 2006
Conference at the Canadian University Conference Centre in Berlin (Germany)
Conveners: Derek Penslar (U. of Toronto), Tobias Brinkmann (U. of Southampton), Simone Lässig (GHI, Washington, DC)

German History, 1930 - 1960

April 26 - 29, 2006
12th Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar in German History at the University of Freiburg
Conveners: Roger Chickering (Georgetown Univ.), Ulrich Herbert (Univ. of Freiburg), and Richard F. Wetzell (GHI)

Removing Peoples: Forced Migration in the Modern World

April 20 - 22, 2006
Conference at King’s Manor, York (UK)
Conveners: Richard J. Bessel (U. of York) , Claudia Haake (U. of York) , Dirk Schumann (GHI), Karina Urbach (GHI London)

Philanthropy in History: German and American Perspectives

March 30 - April 02, 2006
Conference at the GHI in cooperation with the Stiiftung Deutsch-Amerikanische Wissenschaftsbeziehungen im Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft
Conveners: Simone Lässig (GHI), Gabriele Lingelbach (Universität Trier), Thomas Adam (University of Texas, Arlington, TX)

Western Integration, German Unification and the Cold War: The Adenauer Era in Perspective

March 24 - 26, 2006
Conference at the Georgetown University (Riggs Library)
Conveners: Jost Dülffer (BMW Center of German and European Studies), Bernd Schäfer (German Historical Institute)

Crossovers: African Americans and Germany

March 22 - 25, 2006
Conference at the University of Münster
Conveners: Maria Diedrich (University of Münster), Larry Greene/Jürgen Heinrichs (Seton Hall University), Anke Ortlepp (GHI)

Jesters, Jokes, and Laughter: The Politics of Humour in the 20th Century

March 16 - 18, 2006
Conference at the Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto
Conveners: Martina Kessel (University of Bielefeld), Patrick Merziger (Free University Berlin), Dirk Schumann (GHI)