Current Contributors

The Friends of the GHI depends on the contributions of generous supporters of its work. We are grateful to the following persons who made donations in 2015:


  • Heather Addison
  • Edward J. Doheny
  • Randolph Sim


  • Astrid M. Eckert
  • Carl-Henry Geschwind
  • Geoffrey J. Giles
  • Ulrich A. Hewer
  • Peter Jelavich
  • Kenneth Ledford
  • Robert Gerald Livingston
  • William D. Pederson
  • John and Deborah Taylor


  • David Blackbourn and Celia Applegate


  • Marion Deshmukh
  • Charles S. Maier
  • Richard A. Feldman and family

We would also like to give special recognition to the late Michael Ohlshausen, whose significant bequest continues to fund a series of lectures and programs exploring life in the former German Democratic Republic.