Anti-Nazi Resistance Project

The German Historical Institute and the Friends of the GHI are pleased to announce an important new project on the German resistance to Hitler that has been made possible by a generous gift from Judith and Horst von Oppenfeld. The von Oppenfeld gift will be used to publish a collection of documents on the anti-Nazi resistance in English translation. The collection will be the first to make primary source materials covering the entire anti-Nazi spectrum available to students. It will include the central documents pertaining to the Stauffenberg circle, working-class groups, religious activists, and student groups. The project will be overseen by Prof. Peter Hoffmann of McGill University, one of the leading experts on the German resistance. Donations like the von Oppenfelds' enable the GHI to undertake projects that would not otherwise be possible. The GHI and the Friends are very grateful to Judith and Horst von Oppenfeld for their remarkable generosity.