September 19, 2016

GHI Research Fellow Jan Jansen published article in latest issue of History and Memory

The latest issue of History and Memory (28.2) includes an article by GHI Research Fellow Jan Jansen entitled “Creating National Heroes: Colonial Rule, Anticolonial Politics and Conflicting Memories of Emir ‘Abd al-Qadir in Algeria, 1900–1960s.” The article focuses on the memory of the legacy of Emir ‘Abd al-Qadir in Algeria’s late colonial period in order to examine how Algerian and European social actors attempted to use him as an important source of legitimacy in their struggles over colonial rule. It demonstrates how the legacy of the emir was increasingly subject to competing claims that cast him either as an Algerian national hero or a French one. The article argues that public memory functioned as a dynamic zone of social negotiation marked by interactions across the colonizer–colonized divide and by frictions among the European and Algerian populations with reverberations into the postcolonial period.