Fall 1992 Lecture Series Print E-mail

The Sense of Doom in Reformation Germany: Suicide and the Formation of a Sociological Stereotype

October 15, 1992
H.C. Erik Midelfort (University of Virginia)

Fear and Strength: Dean Acheson and the Cold War

October 27, 1992
Robert L. Beisner (American University)

Voter, Junker, Landrat, Priest: Electoral Politics in Imperial Germany
November 02, 1992
Margaret L. Anderson (University of California at Berkeley)

The Habsburg Legacy: Dream and Reality
November 12, 1992
Solomon Wank (Franklin and Marshall College)

Sex Education in Germany from the Kaiserreich to the Third Reich

December 07, 1992
Geoffrey J. Giles (University of Florida)

Friedrich List: The National Political Economy Revisited

December 14, 1992
David Calleo (Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University)