Spring 1996 Lecture Series Print E-mail
Turning Points in Twentieth-Century German-American History

World War I, German-Americans, and the Perils of Pluralism

March 21, 1996
Kathleen Neils Conzen (University of Chicago)

Americanism and Anti-Americanism in the Weimar Republic
April 17, 1996
Mary Nolan (New York University)

Two Americans Confront Germany, 1918-1941: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry R. Luce

April 24, 1996
Robert E. Herzstein (University of South Carolina)

"Damage Control": An Ambivalent German-American Disclosure about the Holocaust
May 09, 1996
Sybil Milton (U.S. Holocaust Research Institute, Washington D.C.)

A Tale of Two Crises: Berlin and the United States during the Cold War

May 30, 1996
Thomas A. Schwartz (Vanderbilt University)

Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: Issues in Writing Contemporary History

June 12, 1996
Philip Zelikow (Harvard University)