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Democratic Traditions in German History: Revolution, Reform, and Resistance

Before and After Hitler: Democratic Traditions in German History

March 26, 1998
Fritz Stern (Columbia University)

Eating the Bread of Liberty: Ordinary Germans and the Impact of the French Revolution
April 09, 1998
Celia Applegate (University of Rochester)

Nation, Citizen, Society: Reflections on the German Revolution of 1848 after 150 Years
April 23, 1998
Jonathan Sperber (University of Missouri)

Democractic Traditions in the Kaiserreich: The Problem of Continuities
May 14, 1998
James J. Sheehan (Stanford University)

Jews in the German Resistance
May 21, 1998
Arnold Paucker (Leo Baeck Institute, London)

Visions of Democracy and Consumption: The East German Revolution of 1989

June 11, 1998
Uta G. Poiger (University of Washington)