Worlds of Consumption Series

Published in collaboration with Palgrave Macmillan
Series Editors: Hartmut Berghoff and Uwe Spiekermann

Worlds of Consumption is a peer-reviewed venue for the history of consumption and consumerism in the modern era, especially the twentieth century, with a particular focus on comparative and transnational studies.

Series contact: Mark Stoneman

Worlds of Consumption Series

Jan Logemann, Gary Cross, and Ingo Köhler (eds.)

Consumer Engineering, 1920s–1970s: Marketing between Expert Planning and Consumer Responsiveness

New York, 2019

Regina Lee Blaszczyk and Uwe Spiekermann (eds.)

Bright Modernity: Color, Commerce, and Consumer Culture

New York, 2017

Emanuela Scarpellini

Food and Foodways in Italy from 1861 to the Present

New York, 2015

Malte Zierenberg

Berlin's Black Market, 1939-1950

New York, 2015

Annelie Ramsbrock

The Science of Beauty: Culture and Cosmetics in Modern Germany, 1750–1930

New York, 2015.

Hartmut Berghoff and Thomas Kühne (eds.)

Globalizing Beauty: Consumerism and Body Aesthetics in the Twentieth Century

New York, 2013

Hartmut Berghoff and Uwe Spiekermann (eds.)

Decoding Modern Consumer Societies

New York, 2012

Jan Logemann (ed.)

The Development of Consumer Credit in Global Perspective: Business, Regulation, and Culture

New York, 2012

Hartmut Berghoff, Philip Scranton, and Uwe Spiekermann (eds.)

The Rise of Marketing and Market Research

New York, 2012