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Miriam Ruerup

Research Fellow
German Historical Institute
1607 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington DC 20009
Phone +1.202.387.3355

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Biographical Summary
Miriam Ruerup is a Research Fellow at the Institute. Her research interests include German Jewish history, modern German history, history of National Socialism, history of migration and citizenship, history of memorial culture and remembrance, and gender history. She studied history, sociology, and cultural anthropology at Göttingen, Tel Aviv, and Berlin and received her Ph.D. in Modern History from the Technical University of Berlin in 2006. She is the author of Ehrensache: Jüdische Studentenverbindungen an deutschen Universitäten (1886-1937) (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2008) and editor of Praktiken der Differenz: Diasporakulturen in der Zeitgeschichte (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2009) and Gewalt und Gesellschaft. Klassiker modernen Denkens neu gelesen (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2011). She was a research fellow at the Foundation of the Topography of Terror in Berlin, the Simon Dubnow Institute in Leipzig, the Franz Rosenzweig Center at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and, most recently, at the history department of Göttingen University. She is member of the committee of experts (Fachkommission) of the Foundation of Memorial Sites in Lower Saxony (Stiftung Niedersächsische Gedenkstätten).

Main Areas of Interest

  • Gender History
  • German-Jewish History
  • History of National Socialism
  • History of Migration and Citizenship
  • History of Memorial Sites
  • Modern German History

GHI Research Project

  • Homeless or World Citizens: The History of Statelessness, 1919-1961

Professional Positions

since 2010 Research Fellow, German Historical Institute Washington DC
2006 - 2010
Research Fellow, Seminar fuer Mittlere und Neuere Geschichte, University of Goettingen, Germany