Knowledge in Flight

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Scholar Rescue in North America

December 4-5 2017
Workshop at The New School for Social Research, New York City
Conveners: Simone Lässig, Director (GHI Washington), William Milberg (The New School for Social Research), William Weitzer (Leo Baeck Institute, New York)

Organized by The German Historical Institute, The Leo Baeck Institute and The New School for Social Research, Knowledge in Flight is a conference investigating the migration of scholars from perilous and intellectually oppressive political settings to new environments that allow them to continue their work and thrive. The program focuses on the institutional forces that have promoted or impeded scholar rescue. The conference explores the topic from a variety of perspectives, including historical, institutional, financial, geopolitical, and cultural vantage points. Ultimately, Knowledge in Flight is aimed at deepening our understanding of the history of scholar rescue while providing insights on today’s refugee crisis. 

Watch a recording of the conference below.